UMKC General Education Core


UMKC Core - 3 pairs of three hour Anchor and Discourse at 100, 200 and 300 level, 4 three-hour focus courses in other areas


The UMKC General Education Core curriculum is designed to provide knowledge and skills that are important for all students, no matter their major or field of study. The UMKC Core provides an innovative learning experience for students, who enroll in interdisciplinary courses that are team–taught by faculty. These courses challenge students to think across boundaries in a way that more closely resembles real–world situations, preparing them better for 21st–century careers.

The UMKC Core is a standard for all new students to meet, replacing any and all existing general education requirements previously instituted by individual academic units. The requirements do not apply to students enrolled prior to August 2013 or to transfer students who enroll at UMKC prior to August 2014.

The UMKC Core is a more efficient means of guiding a student's educational journey and provides greater value because students can be confident that the courses they take will arm them with skills employers most value for careers after college and will constitute progress toward a degree, even if they change majors. It represents another facet of UMKC's commitment to student success.



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