UMKC General Education Core


About UMKC General Education Core

The UMKC General Education Core is curriculum that applies to all new undergraduate students, beginning with the incoming freshman class for Fall Semester 2013 and new transfer students starting in Fall Semester 2014.

While many universities require students to complete some form of core curriculum, the UMKC Core provides an innovative approach with interdisciplinary courses team-taught by faculty. These courses challenge students to think across boundaries in ways that more closely resemble real-world situations.

The Core requirements include three types of courses. Students take four Focus courses drawn from three areas: Arts and Humanities; Scientific Reasoning and Quantitative Analysis; and Human Actions, Values and Ethics.

Students also complete three "pairs" of complementary courses, called Anchor and Discourse classes. Anchor classes stress interdisciplinary and critical thinking in a team learning environment. In the smaller Discourse classes, students develop strong speaking and writing skills. The third pair is built around a community engagement experience in which students apply their classroom learning to real-world challenges in the community. The learning experience supports UMKC's community engagement mission — and shows students they have the power to make positive change in the world. Combined, the three pairs of courses provide a learning experience that is unique to UMKC.

Why have we changed the core requirements?

The UMKC Core is a more efficient means of guiding a student's educational journey and provides greater value because students can be confident that the courses they take will arm them with skills employers most value for careers after college and will constitute progress toward a degree, even if they change majors. It represents another facet of UMKC's commitment to student success.

The UMKC Core is designed to provide a broad base of skills and knowledge for all students. Undergraduates in every academic unit, in every major, have the same set of core requirements.

The content is based on a thorough review of existing programs, research on the skills employers value, national trends, innovative programs and Higher Learning Commission requirements. The general education curricular model and comprehensive student learning outcomes are based on the LEAP (Liberal Education and America's Promise) learning outcomes developed by the American Association of Colleges and Universities.

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