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The UMKC General Education Core is the university's new core curriculum, designed to provide knowledge and skills that are important for all students, no matter their major or field of study. The UMKC Core provides an innovative learning experience for students, employing interdisciplinary courses that are team–taught by faculty. These courses challenge students to think across boundaries in a way that more closely resembles real–world situations, helping them prepare better for 21st–century careers.

Starting in August 2013 with incoming first-time freshmen, UMKC undergraduates in every academic unit, in every major, will have the same set of core requirements.

The UMKC Core is a standard for all new students to meet, replacing any and all existing general education requirements previously instituted by individual academic units. The new requirements do not apply to students enrolled prior to August 2013 or to transfer students who enroll at UMKC prior to August 2014.

In 2009, Provost Gail Hackett charged the General Education Task Force to develop a revised general education curriculum. The group met with Dr. Carol Geary Schneider, president of the American Association of Colleges and Universities, and reviewed the existing curriculum requirements, research on the skills employers value, national trends, innovative programs and Higher Learning Commission requirements. The group, continuing its work into 2010, then developed a strategic plan for revision of the general education program with specific goals and a framework.

The General Education Oversight Committee worked from Fall 2010 through Spring 2012, conducting multiple town hall meetings for campuswide discussion, reviewing several innovative models in use at other universities and developing a general education curricular model and comprehensive student learning outcomes for the general education program. The Faculty Senate approved a general education model in April 2011.

During Summer 2012, the General Education Implementation Committee began work on specific course structures and the course submission format. The committee continued its work in 2013 to prepare for launch.


Assessment for student learning and institutional improvement is a core value and ongoing activity at UMKC. The primary purpose of assessment is to create an environment that promotes educational excellence through evidence-based dialogue about academic programs and services. Successful assessment accomplishes this by:

The following eight Student Learning Outcomes provide the foundation for the UMKC Core and the fulfillment of the University mission. Upon completion of the program of General Education, students will show evidence of learning in the following areas:

Assessment of General Education at UMKC focuses on these eight learning outcomes and will consist of course-embedded assessments, standardized instruments and student surveys/reflections. In addition to having a combination of direct and indirect assessments, we will want to use both formative and summative assessments. General education assessment will be coordinated by the University Assessment Committee and the Assistant Vice Provost for Assessment but will be conducted primarily by faculty who are teaching General Education courses. The approaches taken will build upon pilot studies of General Education that were facilitated by the General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC) in spring 2012.

The full General Education Assessment Plan, developed by the General Education Oversight Committee in Fall 2012 and revised by the General Education Curriculum Committee and the University Assessment Committee in 2015, is available here.
UMKC General Education Core Outcomes Mapped to State Level Goals

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Additional information about the UMKC General Education Core is available here.


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