UMKC General Education Core


Student Requirements

The UMKC Core requirements include three types of courses. Students take four Focus courses, drawn from these three areas: Arts and Humanities; Scientific Reasoning and Quantitative Analysis; and Human Actions, Values and Ethics.

Students also complete three pairs of courses, called Anchor and Discourse classes. Anchor classes stress interdisciplinary and critical thinking in a "team learning" environment. Discourse classes teach speech, writing and other presentation and communication skills in an integrated environment.

Changing Majors/Programs of Study

The UMKC Core requirements are the same for every undergraduate degree offered at UMKC. Once the UMKC Core is completed, it can be applied to any field of study.

Transfer Credits

Incoming first-time college freshmen may apply dual credit, Advanced Placement credit and International Baccalaureate credit toward most UMKC Core course requirements. All students will be required to take Level III Anchor and Discourse classes.

One of the following satisfies Discourse I:

Two of the following satisfy Discourse I and II:

If a student has all three of the above, they will satisfy Discourse I and II requirements, the equivalent courses appear in DARS, and the third course may satisfy A&S degree requirements or will count as elective credit in other units.