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Emeritus College Activities

The EC Report suggests the following activities for the Emeritus College:

    Intellectual Involvement:
    1. Maintain a Speakers Bureau for the University and the community
    2. Offer enrichment programs of interest to the Emeriti/ae faculty
    3. Promote multidisciplinary dialogue through Colloquia or luncheon programs
    4. Encourage emeriti/ae faculty to maintain their research and scholarly activities

    Creative and artistic programs:
    1. Foster the ongoing showing of art and musical performance of Emeriti/ae faculty
    2. Support continued creative development such as writing workshops

    Mentoring Faculty and students:
    1. Participate in faculty development programs with FaCET
    2. Participate in reviewing student research through SEARCH

    Service to the University and Community:
    1. Engage with the community in problem solving issues
    2. Share research and scholarly activities of the faculty in the community

    Social Activities:
    1. Provide opportunities for social events
    2. Collaborate with UMKCRA on selected social activities