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    The Emeritus College at UMKC has the following categories of membership:

  1. Regular membership is open, upon application, to all retired faculty members who have been designated emeriti/emeritae by UMKC and retired UMKC librarians.

  2. Affiliate membership is open, upon application, to retired faculty of other four year colleges or universities who have received the title of emeritus or emerita.

  3. Associate membership is available to other individuals who support the purpose of the EC. They may be invited by the Dean, upon application, with concurrence of the EC Board, to become special members.

      To inquire about Affiliate or Associate memberships, please contact the Emeritus College by email.
    In addition, the EC Bylaws define Appointed and Ex-Officio members which represent important UMKC constituencies.
Types of Membership applicable to all membership categories:
  • Annual membership requires payment of the annual dues, currently set at $ 40.

  • Lifetime membership requires an initial donation of at least $ 400

      Depending on the level of donation, lifetime membership with special recognition is possible:
  • Endowing membership is the most prestigious type of lifetime membership.
      This membership requires a one-time or cumulative donation of at least $1000.

      During the initial 2 years of the Emeritus College, this was known as a Founding membership.

    It is possible to apply by mail for all categories and types of membership
    by mailing a check with a completed application form to:
      UMKC Emeritus College, Membership Secretary
      9301 Beverly Drive
      Overland Park, KS 66207-2416
    The paper application form can be downloaded, printed and completed.
OnLine Application
    Applying OnLine is simple and preferred.
      At this time, your contribution must be submitted by mailing a check.
Select: Regular membership as a retired UMKC emeritus faculty member.
Regular membership as a retired UMKC librarian.
Affiliate membership as emeritus faculty of another college or university.
Associate membership, based on achievements at and support for UMKC and the EC,
     requiring an invitation by the dean of the EC to become a special member.
     To explore the possibility for Associate membership, please contact the EC (

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