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Emeritus College Benefits

    Emeritus College membership benefits include the opportunity to:
  1. continue their relationships with students through mentoring and research;
  2. continue professional enrichment/development;
  3. continue to be recognized for their faculty careers;
  4. share research expertise with other faculty;
  5. provide community service;
  6. participate in social activities that promote on-going relationships among Emeritus College colleagues and non-retired faculty;
  7. provide input into the UM and UMKC policies relating to the criteria and processes that lead to the designation of "emeritus" status; and
  8. dialogue with intellectual peers and practitioners from different fields.
    For UMKC, benefits include the opportunity to:
  1. maintain the intellectual expertise and artistic talents of the Emeritus College members;
  2. foster mentoring opportunities between Emeritus College members and new or junior faculty;
  3. link the Emeritus College members and resources to other programs at UMKC such as the Student Success Center, the University College, the Honors College, and the Cockefair Programs;
  4. provide support for current academic programs; and
  5. attract retired senior scholars, national or international, to the UMKC campus.
    For the community, benefits include opportunity to:
  1. engage faculty in problem solving of issues of community concern;
  2. hear about significant research and scholarly activities of the emeritus faculty;
  3. have access to programs of interest to various constituents in the area; and
  4. serve as a resource for community service organizations.