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Membership Categories

    1. Regular Membership in the UMKC-EC is open, upon application, to all retired faculty members who have been designated emeriti/emeritae by UMKC and retired UMKC librarians. These persons, once approved, have full voting rights. (EC Bylaws)
Annual Member Annual dues:
  $   40
New Emeriti are offered an initial, complementary membership for one year to become familiar with the College's Mission and activities.
Dues-paying membership is the next step.
Lifetime Member * Donation:
  $  400
Founding Member * Became a lifetime member during the first two years of the Emeritus College.
Name is prominently displayed in the EC space.
Endowing Member * Donation:
  $ 1000
The Endowing Membership reflects the increased support for the EC in its growing years through a higher membership and endowment contribution.
* Lifetime membership donations build the College's endowment while supporting its current activities.
    2. Affiliate Membership in the UMKC-EC is open, upon application, to retired faculty of other four year colleges and universities who have received the title of emeritus or emerita. These persons, once approved, have limited voting rights at the discretion of the board. (EC Bylaws)
    3. Associate Membership is available to other individuals who support the purpose of the EC. They may be invited by the Dean, upon application, (with concurrence of the EC Board) to become special members. (EC Bylaws)

Membership Eligibility Criteria

  • The EC Report recommends that regular (full) membership in the Emeritus College include emeriti/ae faculty from UMKC and librarians.
  • Faculty with interest in certain activities of an EC member, such as research, can apply for associate membership, subject to approval by the EC Board.