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Lifetime "Donor Wall"
Name Emeritus Member
$ 50,000+ Donors
  Anonymous Donor      
  Anonymous Donor      
$ 20,000+ Donors
  Mills, Nancy McVae     Emeritus     Founding  
  Chronwall, Bibie M     Emeritus     Founding  
$ 5,000+ Donors
  Robertson, Leon H     Emeritus     Founding  
  Campbell Family Foundation      
$ 2,000+ Donors
  Waterborg, Jakob Harm     Emeritus     Founding  
  Wurrey, Charles Jon     Emeritus     Founding  
$ 1,000+ Donors
  Cobb, Charles Madison     Emeritus     Founding  
  Martin, Jennifer Kay     Emeritus     Lifetime  
  Ward, John Orson     Emeritus     Endowing  
  Gentile, Richard Joseph     Emeritus     Founding  
  Voigts, Linda Ehrsam     Emeritus     Lifetime  
  Neuman, Dale A     Emeritus     Member  
  Edwards, Linda Leith     Emeritus     Founding  
  Sweeney, Leo Joseph       Founding  
  Lacey Haun, Charlotte Lora     Emeritus     Founding  
  Nelson, John William     Emeritus     Endowing  
  Peebles, Patrick      Emeritus     Founding  
$ 500+ Donors
  Filion, Diane L       Member  
  Beasley, Elizabeth McCoy       Member  
  Schweitzberger, Kathleen A     Emeritus     Member  
  Driever, Steven Leiby     Emeritus     Lifetime  
$ 250+ Donors
  Breytspraak, Linda M     Emeritus     Member  
  ECFA Anonymous      
  MacQuarrie, Ronald A     Emeritus     Member  
  Carbonell, Marilyn      Emeritus     Lifetime  
  Deines, Donna Lee     Emeritus     Lifetime  
  Dias, Jerry Ray     Emeritus     Lifetime  
  Foutch, Gary      Emeritus     Lifetime  
  Johnson, Gregory Kent     Emeritus     Lifetime  
  Killip, John W     Emeritus     Lifetime  
  McArthur, Carole Patricia     Emeritus     Lifetime  
  OBannon, Deborah Jean     Emeritus     Lifetime  
  Spalding, Helen Harriet     Emeritus     Lifetime  
  Medeiros, Denis Michael     Emeritus     Member  
  Sheldon, Ted P     Emeritus     Member  
  Rich, Ruth Anne     Emeritus    
  Ms. Marjorie Finley      
  Mr. George A. Philips      
$ 100+ Donors
  Eddy, William B     Emeritus     Member  
  Holmes, Lyndal Gray     Emeritus     Member  
  Corry, Ann Marie     Emeritus     Member  
  Ditto, John A     Emeritus     Member  
  Klausner, Carla L     Emeritus     Member  
  Kumar, Anil       
  Scassellati, Vincent J     Emeritus    
  Starr, Norton      Emeritus     Member  
  Williams, Karen Beth     Emeritus     Member  
  DeLurgio, Stephen A     Emeritus    
  Peroff, Nicholas Carl     Emeritus     Member  
  Schmitz, Kenneth Stanley     Emeritus     Member  
  Thurmond, John W     Emeritus     Member  
  Weinglass, David Henry     Emeritus   Deceased
  Burdick, Amrita Joanne     Emeritus     Member  
  Londre, Felicia H     Emeritus     Member  
  Miller, Patricia E Cleary     Emeritus     Member  
  Bonewald, Lynda F     Emeritus     Member  
  Dunbar, Burton L     Emeritus     Member  
  Ehrlich, Larry G     Emeritus     Member  
  Ellison, Nolen M     Emeritus    
  Kulild, James C     Emeritus    
  Lavelle, Ellen      Emeritus     Member  
  Sanders, Susan Ursula     Emeritus     Member  
  Shannon, Reaner G     Emeritus     Member  
  Smith, Dianne      Emeritus     Member  
  Loeb Charitable Foundation      
  Connelly, Frances S     Emeritus     Member  
  Shepherd, A Ross     Emeritus    
  Singer, Joseph Frank     Emeritus    
  Suni, Ellen Ida     Emeritus     Member  
The Emeritus College gratefully acknowledges the many large and small contributions made to the College.
  • Your donations have made it possible to provide support services and facilities to the members in the newly created Emeritus College Facilities in Room 226 of the Miller Nichols Library.

  • Your gifts support the program events presented by the Emeritus College.

  • Your membership contributions give the short-term funds for current new initiatives and provide the long-term support to develop and sustain the mission and purpose of the Emeritus College.

    Giving to the Emeritus College
    The Emeritus College has decided to dedicate its endowment to support faculty, early in their career at UMKC, through supporting travel and other necessary costs to facilitate participation in meetings, congresses, to develop networking, projects and collaborations in research and scholarship.
    This is the Early Career Faculty Travel Award program.

  • Donations to this program can be made at the UMKC Foundation website.

  • Donate by Mail:
    Make check payable to the UMKC Foundation,
    Write 'Emeritus College' on the Memo line,
    Send to:
      UMKC Foundation,
      Attention: Emeritus College
      202 Administrative Center
      5100 Rockhill Road
      Kansas City, MO 64110-2499

  • Donate OnLine:
    Click the Gift to UMKC page link,
    Enter your gift amount,
    Specify Gift Designation: Emeritus College,
    Declare any detailed designation,
    Process your credit card on the next page.

  • Apply for Membership:
    Click the Apply link.

    Bequests to benefit the Emeritus College of UMKC require the following information for your consideration:
  • A Sample Bequest Language form to describe the gift and the wish to fund the previously established Emeritus College endowment fund ...;
  • An Estate Gift Intention form where the Gift Purpose is designated to be the Emeritus College endowment fund;
  • Proof of the tax-exempt status of the UMKC Foundation.