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New-Member Information

The information shown below is emailed to each new Emeritus College member upon acceptance of the membership application.
Some information is described more specifically in the email depending on the type of application and membership.

Overview of the EC Application Process

The standard application process is designed for faculty who have been granted the status of Emeritus at UMKC.
  • Complete the Membership Application Form.
  • Submit the form with a donation check for the amount appropriate for the selected membership level to UMKC Emeritus College, Membership Secretary, 9301 Beverly Drive, Overland Park, KS 66207-2416.
      UMKC will process the application and donation and will verify the UMKC emeritus status.
      The applicant will receive an acknowledgement that the application and donation have been received.
      As part of the process, a UM System courtesy appointment will be created for the emeritus faculty, should one not exist already.
      Also, the existence of a valid Single Sign-On (SSO) will be verified so that an SSO-based log-in capability exists and a SSO-based UMKC email address is available to the emeritus. Both features will be available but neither is required for EC membership or access to EC services.
The UMKC Libraries have developed an internal system to evaluate whether retiring librarians have received the level and accomplishments to make them eligible for an emeritus-equivalent status.
  • Librarians who apply for EC membership should use the standard emeritus application process (see above) but must provide documentation that the emeritus-equivalent recognition has been awarded, as described in the UMKC Librarian's Council Handbook (section
Affiliate membership may be available to retired faculty with emeritus status granted by another 4-year university (EC Bylaws)
  • Applicants should provide the completed standard application form directly to the Emeritus College Membership Subcommittee, UMKC, MNL 226, 800 East 51st Street, Kansas City MO 64110. In addition they should provide information about their academic background, their college or university and their emeritus status.
Associate membership may be available to individuals who support the purpose of the EC (EC Bylaws). Please contact the Dean of the Emeritus College about the wish to become an Associate EC member.

An electronic application process is under development.

Approval of EC Membership

  • The EC office will process the membership application for presentation to the EC Board.
    In general, the EC Board will automatically approve completed applications for EC membership by retired UMKC emeritus faculty.
  • On the basis of emeritus-equivalent documentation, the EC Board will approve EC membership for retired librarians.
  • Other applications will be evaluated by the EC Membership Committee, which will recommend action by the full EC Board.
Upon approval of membership, the new member will receive an email to the email address on-record, welcoming the new member and providing general and specific information to become an active member with full access to EC Services and benefits (see elsewhere on this page).

The Emeritus College Facilities

The Emeritus College facilities and the EC Dean's office are located in room 226 on the second floor of the UMKC Miller Nichols library (MNL 226).

Upon approval of EC membership the EC Membership Committee will inform UMKC to provide electronic access to MNL 226 to each new member through a card-swipe access process.
  • Use your UMKC ID card (see images at right of the two acceptable formats which contain a 16-digit ID number) that will be used to grant swipe access to MNL 226.
    In case your UMKC card is of an older vintage, please visit the 'ID Office' in room 410 (top floor) of the Student Union to allow your picture to be taken for a new, updated UMKC ID card.
  • In case your card does not work to gain access to MNL 226, please email to have this omission corrected.
Access to MNL 226 allows you to schedule meetings with colleagues in the EC facilities including the use of computers in cubicle work spaces or small meeting rooms. To reserve such space, use the EC Services reservation system described below.

Offers for New Members

Each member of the Emeritus College has the right to keep and use their UMKC email account indefinitely
    If you would like to use your UMKC email and you do not know your email account name or password, or if you think that you currently have no UMKC email account, please contact the webmaster ( for the missing information.
The Emeritus College Board offers to any new EC member the opportunity to receive not-yet personalized EC business cards.
  • These cards offer space for your name and and emeritus title in combination with the UMKC EC logo and the address information of the EC.
  • To obtain some of these cards, come to the next Emeritus College program, held monthly and typically in the EC Suite of 226 Miller Nichols Library.
Free Parking on campus in faculty/staff slots is a right of any retiree and thus of all emeriti.
  • If you do not yet have a retiree parking hang tag for your car, visit the Parking Office in the Administrative Center on Oak Street and get your free parking tag.

Participation in EC Programs, Activities and Opportunities

Note that new programs, activities and events will be posted to the EC website under the 'Activities' menu.
    The Emeritus College does not have the ability to send individual emails to all its members when a new program or event is scheduled.
    At this time only a limited number of announcements can be sent throughout an academic year.
    So, please make it a habit to browse the EC website and Activities pages at least once a month to remain up-to-date on EC offerings and not to miss any special or important program.
If you want to actively participate in any of the EC Board committees, e.g. Program / Activities Planning, please contact the chair of the committee (see here).

Logging-in to the Emeritus College Website

Several EC website menus, including the EC Member Services option, require secure log-in that is restricted to EC members.
This is what this log-in page looks like:

As noted, new members will receive in the email of approval of EC membership a personal activation code that allows creation of a username and password even if no SSO log-in is available.
If you have forgotten your SSO password or need to update it, please use the services.

EC Services Offered

The EC facilities offer space for collaborations, meetings and work by emeriti.
    Many emeriti cannot maintain an office in their academic home due to space constraints.
    The EC office currently has 6 office cubicles, each with a computer and up to two work spaces, and 2 small meeting rooms for up to 4-6 people, that are available for use by emeriti as office space to support collaborations, scholarship and research projects.
    The EC Board hopes that these facilities can relieve some of the space contraints experienced by emeriti.

    Space management
    In an effort to make these facilities available on a fair and even basis, and to prevent a few people from occupying work spaces long-term, the EC Board has instituted a space reservation system that allows active EC members the possibility to reserve in advance space for individual or collaborative work.
    This reservation system is available to EC members after log-in to EC Services.

Renewal of Annual Membership

EC Services will offer to annual members the on-line opportunity to renew their membership after their initial membership year nears its end.
Detailed process development is being scheduled to accomplish this service in time.